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    Boss frame in Raid and target disappearing during fight

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    Hi there, I have recently installed Spartan ui and until today I have not had the time/chance to test in a raid. Unfortunately I have been unable to get the boss's unit frames to display during the entire raid.

    I currently have 4.3.0-Release-1-gdeea473 as updated by curse client, I played around by downloading the 4.3.0-Release version, the boss unit frames appeared in the bottom right corner of the screen during an encounter, i managed to move it part way across the screen, it got stuck and then would not appear again after that. So i have re-updated it using the curse client.

    I have attached a picture of me engaging Mannoroth and as you can see there is no boss unit frames on the screen. 


    Also I noticed during the raid that my Target and Targets target would randomly disappear so i could not see the unit frame for the mob I was hitting, so at some points of the fight I had no idea what the bosses health was, not great when you are raid leading!!


    Any suggestions on how I can fix this? There has been no error messages, everything is ticked to display/show except for spin cam.



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