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    Hello !


    It's been a while that I'm getting a bug in every text displayed in Spartan UI, I've been trying to get it fixed by myself but can't get it done so I'm asking for help. It's kind of annoying because it's really hard to read quickly the text.

    So the bug is that instead of having some sort of "space" separating the thousands, millions, etc... It displays an inversed "??". For example, 547 will show 547. But 1547, instead of showing "1 547" will show "1??547". You can imagine how it looks when it comes to artifact power bar, with numbers in billions ("100??000??000??000" for example). I've attached a screenshot to show this on the XP bar on a reroll for example. 

    When choosing to display the text as "Long", no problem at all (can't choose this style for status bars though, only for health and mana) but it's heavy numbers for health on a lvl110 tank. As "Dynamic", it works well only for numbers above 1M (for example, 10574 will display "10??574" instead of "10,57K" or "10K 574", I don't remember but I know it's ok, BUT 1500000 will appear as "1.5M" just as it should). "Long formatted" will have both problems (long numbers AND the "??" bug). 

    Could you help me to fix this?

    Thank you very much


    SUI version : 4.4.5 (Last)

    Game version : 7.3.2 (Last)


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    This has to do with the default font spartanUI uses does not support other languages well. go into the spartan ui settings /sui and change the font to something else.

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    Thank you for the quick answer !

    I went to settings (/sui) then General, Font Style & Size, and put Font Style as Normal, and Font Type as Arial Narrow (this font works in other addons like Recount) and did a /reload. The font has indeed been changed, but the "??" bug is still there...



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    If language is a problem, can autodetection simply be turned off ? I don't care if Spartan is displayed in english. 

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    sorry to dig up that thread, but encountering the very same error, I'd like to know if a solution has been found since :) changing the font (I've tried every single one of them) didn't solve the issue :\

    best regards,


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