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    [Bug] Rogue Extra Combo Points bugged

    • Version: Not Listed Pending Bug

    Edit: Version 4.4.5 as not listed


    So, Upon getting to lvl45 SUI is constantly bugging out upon generating Combo (as far as i can make out anyhow). This seems directly related to me taking Anticipation as a Subtly Rogue, as the Tallent seems to change the expected number of combo points

    The Errors are all related to classicons.lua, and always thrown a Nil error with lines in this block:


    local Update = function(self, event, unit, powerType)
    	if(not (unit == 'player' and powerType == ClassPowerType)
    		and not (unit == 'vehicle' and powerType == 'COMBO_POINTS')) then
    	local element = self.ClassIcons
    	--[[ :PreUpdate()
    	 Called before the element has been updated
    	 self  - The ClassIcons element
    	 event - The event, that the update is being triggered for
    	if(element.PreUpdate) then
    	local cur, max, oldMax
    	if(event ~= 'ClassPowerDisable') then
    		if(unit == 'vehicle') then
    			-- XXX: UnitPower is bugged for vehicles, always returns 0 combo points
    			cur = GetComboPoints('vehicle', 'target')
    			max = MAX_COMBO_POINTS
    			cur = UnitPower('player', ClassPowerID)
    			max = UnitPowerMax('player', ClassPowerID)
    		for i = 1, max do
    			if(i <= cur) then


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