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    • Version: 4.2 Closed Bug

    2x [ADDON_ACTION_BLOCKED] AddOn 'SpartanUI' tried to call the protected function 'SUI_RaidFrameHeaderUnitButton1:SetSize()'.
    !BugGrabber\BugGrabber.lua:573: in function <!BugGrabber\BugGrabber.lua:573>
    [C]: in function `SetSize'
    ...aceSpartanUI_Style_Fel\Module-UnitFrames.lua:871: in function <...aceSpartanUI_Style_Fel\Module-UnitFrames.lua:870>
    ...aceSpartanUI_Style_Fel\Module-UnitFrames.lua:1032: in function `styleFunc'
    SpartanUI\libs\oUF\ouf.lua:267: in function <SpartanUI\libs\oUF\ouf.lua:197>
    (tail call): ?
    (tail call): ?
    FrameXML\RestrictedFrames.lua:729: in function <FrameXML\RestrictedFrames.lua:721>
    [C]: ?
    [C]: ?
    FrameXML\RestrictedFrames.lua:748: in function `CallMethod'
    [string "        local header = self:GetParent()..."]:52: in function <[string "        local header = self:GetParent()..."]:1>
    (tail call): ?
    [C]: ?
    FrameXML\RestrictedExecution.lua:441: in function <FrameXML\RestrictedExecution.lua:412>
    FrameXML\SecureGroupHeaders.lua:116: in function <FrameXML\SecureGroupHeaders.lua:110>
    FrameXML\SecureGroupHeaders.lua:166: in function <FrameXML\SecureGroupHeaders.lua:123>
    FrameXML\SecureGroupHeaders.lua:488: in function <FrameXML\SecureGroupHeaders.lua:387>
    [C]: in function `Show'
    FrameXML\SecureStateDriver.lua:100: in function <FrameXML\SecureStateDriver.lua:95>
    FrameXML\SecureStateDriver.lua:127: in function <FrameXML\SecureStateDriver.lua:119>



    User Feedback

    This can happen when you are in combat and a player joins as blizzard blocks us from drawing new frames in combat. Some get around this by pre-generating the farmes and the work it would take to swap spartan over to that is more than i have right now. Hopefully after this summer i will have more free time and can tackle it.


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