• Health/mana display error

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    Hi, I'm having issues with health & mana displayed numbers on Player - Target - Focus - Party frames. 
    I'm using the 4.4.5 version and WoW Spanish (EU) on client side.
    This is how numbers are shown:

    This do not happens when heal/mana is above 1M, just with numbers below this value (like 900k showing as 900¿¿000)

    I've already tryed a fresh install, and deactivated any other addon

    I think is a languaje issue, because my spanish friends are seeing that on their own UI too, but none english user is.
    I'm not very good at coding, but maybe it is something around the Library oUF used by SpartanUI (SpartanUI using an old version of the library). I tryed updating the oUF with the one you can find at Curse and got weird results (no Screenshot, sorry)

    Hope this info is useful

    Thanks for your time

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