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    Minimap Module Issues

    • Version: 4.3 Pending Bug

    I think I found an issue. I've never used the map module, but somehow it got enabled and I started running into some problems. With the map module enabled, the following addons have issues.  NPCScan, HandyNotes, and Dugi's. It causes icons from handynotes and npcscan to not display on the minimap unless your mouse is over the minimap. No errors are given, it just happens. The odd part, and what took me so long to track it down, is if I disable just one of the other 3 addons, the others work fine together. Anyway, Sorry there's not much info, but as there were no actual errors, this is all I have. It took me an hour of enabling and disabling addons this morning to find this issue.


    Note: I can run SpartanUI with these addons if I disable the map module. The SpartanUI version I am using atm is 4.3.2-R10

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