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    PetBattleUI vs Option "Use Blizzard Vehicle UI"

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    Dear SUI Crew,

    When i disable the option "Use Blizzard Vehicle" and held a Pet Battle then the SpartanUI stay's in screen: see


    After enable the Option "Use Blizzard Vehicle" and doing a /reloadui then the SpartanUI disappears when i held a Pet Battle: see


    I dont know what the crew wants with the spartanui and the pet battles, but i think that the SpartanUI not should be used in
    the pet battles, keep the blizzard PetbattleUI in tacked :)
    But i dont want to use the blizzard vehicle ui, so this error sould be solved that ether the pet battle copmmands go to spartan ui
    or that de SpartanUI should be disappeared when keeping a pet battle.

    Earthen Ring

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    User Feedback

    As additional information,
    When having the addon fubar3.6 active and disable the option "Use Blizzard Vehicle",
    then no frame will showed. Now i using titan panels so fubar can be disabled in my
    case. I still need to test again with the pet frames.


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