• Use Blizzard vehicle UI option does not work

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    SpartanUI & Bartender4 bug the screen shot is from another quest that can have the bug called (flight in firelands)

    SpartanUI Version: 4.4.3
    Bartender4 version: 4.7.7
    Zone: Mount Hyjal
    Quest: The Bears Up There (actually got stuck in the tree and could not move)

    Bug: Bartender4's Use Blizzard vehicle UI option does not work or is broken and not loading as despite the option being checked the vehicle ui bar does not show or is not being displayed its now just empty space others have reported the issue as well not just with this quest but in other quests or areas. I also tried to report the bug to the developer of bartender but I don't have an existing wowace account and to top it off the sites modules are disabled preventing you from creating a new account. This bug seems to be deeply rooted in history after reading many posts it would seem the same bug with the vehicleUI not showing goes back past even 2011 at different points in time

    Temporary workaround: use the command /console reloadui then after finishing the quest or getting out of the vehicle use /console reloadui again to reset the position of your bars and minimap.


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    I tested another quest flight in the firelands the vehicle bar did show once this time but I still had to use the /console reloadui to reset the mini-map position and size then I got back on as I did not complete the quest and the same issue as the bears up there no blizzard ui no bars at all. in short this use blizzard vehicle ui option is just too buggy and unreliable I am going to leave the option turned off and see what happens there. I will do a few tries and report back. I was able to get a screenshot of the bug and attached it to the original post.

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    ok I found something interesting the option to use the blizzard vehicle ui is in 3 different places 1 unside /sui >bartender the other two inside bartender4 itself but in two places. Now why would you need perhaps the same control in 3 places pardon me but WTF??????




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    Now as you can see in the above screenshots I turned off all 3 options to display the blizzard vehicle ui and reloaded the ui. and bingo I don't get the blizzard ui but I do get a working stable ui that looks like this and holy shite vehicle controls too boot. And its still working even after /console reloadui several times even exiting the entire game restarting the computer and all and the problem is gone but obviously no blizzard vehicle ui...


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    If turning off all three settings found to display the blizzard vehicle ui the one in spartan ui and the two found in bartender4 gives you the image above and its stable so far that would mean there is something seriously rotten in Denmark yup yup in regards to the use blizzard vehicle ui option. I am going to leave them off for now and see if I come accross other quests and see if its still stable even if I dont get the blizzard ui and keep the spartan and bartender native ui.

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