• Disappearing Party Frames, Locking UI after /suimove, Saving UI

    • Version: r247 Closed Bug Priority: Normal

    I have a few bugs to report after installing SpartanUI and Bartender4 for the first time today.

    1. Whenever selecting the classic skin option for party frames, the frames disappear. If you change it to minimal or transparent, the party frames reappear. I've tried using raid frames to replace party frames, but the issue continues after leaving party and joining a new one.

    2. Whenever reloading the UI, the position of my party, raid, boss, target, target of target, etc. frames are reset. I use the FloTotemBar addon as a Shaman, so I have to adjust my target frame so it floats above it. From the list of commands, I did not see an option to "lock" the frames. I simply type "/suimove" again to get rid of the green blocks. This also appears to happen when I log out and log back in/quit the game and log back in. It seems the addon always moves the frame positions back to default no matter how many times I move them where I want them to be.

    3. I managed to work around the bugs listed above, but I wanted to save the UI to ensure all the settings stayed the same. An error popped up the moment I tried saving it, and most of my preferences went back to default, including the frame positions, even though the UI did not show it was resetting. Since I made so many small adjustments, I can't even remember what settings I changed since I spent a few hours working on it. 

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