• mouse freezing when using hearthstone

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    With the latest version of spartanui, everytime I use hearthstone my mouse freezes and i can only move by using the keyboard. I have to reload the UI again to get the mouse to work again.

    Downgrading spartanui to 3.3.4 and the issue disappears.

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    Wierd, try to disable the Tooltip module "/sui > Enabled Modules". The only thing that would be happening when you hearth is SUI would be drawing the Hearthstone tooltip....


    If you still have the issue go to your addons screen and turn off one part at a time until the issue stops. let me know the last item you turned off to make the issue go away.


    Edit: Also ensure LUA errors enabled in your Wow settings.

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    Thanks for the reply libidos.

    I have added each addon one by one with SUI loaded and it looks to be the addon moveanything that is causing the problem.

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    Are there any SpartanUI items you move with moveanything? I just installed move anything and am not able to duplicate the issue.

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