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    Tooltip issue: only if in combat option

    Alex Wang
    • Version: Alpha Fixed Bug Fixed in: r225 Priority: Normal
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    SUI_Tooltips_errors_GameTooltip_SetDefaultAnchor.txt - I think this is being triggered by no rules being matched, added a failback of Rule1 and it will print a message if failback happens. need to keep an eye out and see if it comes back.

    SUI_Tooltips_errors_ObjTrackerUpdate.txt - Copy paste Fail on the new options.

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    Just test with r225.

    1. When no rule match, it shows error message in chat and the lacation of tooltip goes to rule 1. 
    2. And then I change rule 1  to "all the time" and move the anchor for rule 1. The lacation of tooltip is still the same, doesn't move with the anchor. But display on mouse works.
    3. And then I change rule 2 to "all the time" and "only in combat".  Move the anchor for rule 2. The lacation of tooltip is still the same, doesn't move with the anchor when I'm in combat. Display on mouse doesn't work neither.

    It seems that once failback to rule 1, the anchors don't work anymore.

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    They are evaluated in order, so the first rule to be valid will be used. I need to add some text to that options screen stating this. 


    Here are the settings i was messing with during raid tonight and they worked out well. they all spawned where they were supposed to at the right time.

    Edit: Could you setup the "Broken" rules and shoot me a screenshot? Also make sure Override theme is checked, There needs to be a indicator on this screen if the theme has an anchor spot.



    Edited by libidos

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    I found what going on here. Need to check "override theme" in every rule to make it work. 

    It's a very good idea to show the anchor of theme.



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