• Tooltips are not disabling! + "Move anchor" grayed out

    • Version: 4.0.0 Fixed Bug Fixed in: r221 Priority: Normal

    I want to disable the new Tooltips option but they are refusing to disable after disabling them from the General > Enabled modules > Tooltip checkbox + ReloadUI

    And even if I wanted them on just to see if I like it - I can't move them. The anchor button under General > Enablemd modules > Tooltips > Display Location is completely grayed out and untouchable.

    I already have the TipTac addon and am satisfied with it's features. Please help.

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    Fixed in r221

    -Tooltip module unable to disable fix
    -Toottips are now movable
    -Tooltips now have 3 display rules


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    I installed the update, and even before I did anything at all - the tooltips returned to the location set by the TipTac addon. I actually really like it now, and will be using them both together :) 

    I love how it changes the right-click portrait menu etc.

    Also, the option to have 3 different anchors for three different conditions is a blessing. Good going!

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