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    Feel Skin player/target frame oddly positioned

    • Version: 4.3 Pending Bug

    I'm assuming the positioning is by design but it's the only thing that's personally deterring me from using this awesome looking skin at the moment.

    Thing is it feels WAY too high above everything else (attached img 1).  Feels awkward and feels like it's wasting space.

    I attempted to use the classic player frame instead, but the target indents too far into the flames and off-centres the whole thing (attached img 2)

    I definitely prefer the positioning of the classic frame instead of the one that goes with the Fel frame, or correct the positioning of the classic frame?


    Just a suggestion imo.  For now I'm sticking with the classic frame, but will keep an eye out for updates!

    Otherwise, I've been in love with the ui since BC or Wratch (can't remember which point it originally came out, but it's ben a long time).



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    You can move the unit frames by hold alt then dragging them. There is a known issue with the target randomly resetting that i hope to get to next week. (Had to take 2 weeks off from spartan while i get back to my day job after being off for 2 months)

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