• Pet & TargetOfTarget Frame Size

    • Version: r223 Pending Suggestion

    Wasn't there an option to make the Pet frame big like the player frame?

    I can't find it.

    If there isn't - is it possible to add it? (for all skins?)

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    There was no option for the Pet frame size, target of target does have the option to change the size. The pet frame size was one of the top 3 complaints i got so i reduced it in size. Since you are not the first person to ask about getting the bigger one back I try to put some time into making it an option to get the larger one again. 

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    Thank you!
    I now read the post you linked. Fyi, I have the buff issue too (as if the minimap was there), but I work around it using MoveAnything.

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    I realized I forgot to mention that when I move the buffs back to the right (see previous comment), I also have the need to move the "Minimap Location" in MoveAnything. I'm not talking about the actual minimap, because that one is from SUI. I'm talking about a transparant holder that MoveAnything calls "Minimap". It appears (transparent) over the buffs (after I moved them back to the right), and blocks the tooltips\mouseover from the first few buffs (the ones that are under said transparent minimap placeholder from MoveAnything.

    I hope I'm clear here. And I hope this info helps you avoid\fix other bugs if they are encountered by other users.

    If anything needs clarification please feel free to ask =)

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