• Player's image, target and target of target, Buffs and debuffs

    • Version: 4.0.0 Pending Suggestion


    1- Player's image, target and target of target work in a bizarre way, sometimes it shows the face of the player / target / target of the target, sometimes it shows the full model.
    Can't tell what makes that happen.
    I noticed that if you click on your avatar, it shows complete model.
    If you click on NPC then on your avatar, only shows full model on target of target.

    2- Also, buffs and debuffs, are separated from the right, as if the minimap was there.
    3- Also, pet frame got smaller, prefered when it was same size then avatar's player frame, enable changing of it's size? (from 10 to 100% of player's frame for example?)
    4- Also, toottip can't be moved, and was better over UI so it doesn't bother that much. Enable moving it for example?
    5- Finally, garrison button went back on the left side of the minimap, which makes it appear over donjon button when tagging in donjon.
    I think it was better on right where it did not bother. Perhaps enable moving of this button?

    Hope i made myself undersand, writting from FR so not that easy to explain everything as clearly as I'd like =)

    Thx a lot for the UI which makes my day, used it for years, still as good as before =)
    Looking for it to improve =)






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