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    Tooltips Improve

    Alex Wang
    • Version: Alpha Pending Suggestion

    I just try the new Tooltips of SUI, unloading the tooltips addon I used to use. I think it wonderful, make tooltips match the theme style, like it so much!

    There are some feature requests of tooltips component:

    1. A slider to scale the tooltips. Easier to read the contents.
    2. Show tooltips at mouse cursor. 
    3. Hide world units and/or icon tooltips in combat. 


    Thank you. Cheers!!

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    User Feedback

    1. Did not think of that, will definitely need to do it.
    2. Completely agree, was hoping to get it in for Beta 2 i am going to take a stab at this today.
    3. Tell me if i follow this one right: Option to now show tooltip for NPC's, objects, or at all while in combat? like how the objectives frame is hideable on condition.

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    I think it practicable to use the same condition option controls of objectives for show/hide tooltips. And pls make "in combat" checked by default. :)

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    Nice if you add an option to skin the tooltip and skin the border, like tiptac does

    I would like to have border of my tooltip, too. :)

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