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I've been using SpartanUI since years from now and I love it! My problem is that I love pet battles too, and unfortunately, on the actual version and I think since 4.0 version, when I'm entering a pet battle, the minimap changes position and places at the top center, in a square layout, just above the "battle weather". As a result, I can't see what "weather" is on, and how many turns are left.


It's really annoying because the weather effects are an important part of the battles and since the minimap come there, I am not able to see what's going on. Moreover, I feel like the minimap is totally useless in a pet battle, so it's even more annoying to know that something useless is preventing me to see something very useful.. 

I still don't want to turn off SpartanUI, so I just would like to know if you could make a fix for it (I don't know, changing the minimap position to another place while in a pet battle, or even turn the minimap off during the battle...)? 

If you also could directly tell me where I can directly change this position value myself I can also do it. 


Thank you very much in advance, 


If you have any question do not hesitate to ask!

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As of 4.3.1 the minimap should now hide in pet battles. Let me know if it does not work as intended. 

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