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Mixing styles


I just have started playing with your Add-on Spartan UI. I would like to mix minimal artwork with classic player/raid frames.
- Is there any way to do this?
The add-on just doen't get the work done however I trie. Truth to be told I can't mix even transparent, with minimal artwork.
To clearify the problem I put here 4 screenshots.

- So as I turn artwork for minimal than try to set player frame to cassic, it disappears, even if I target something as you can see on the pictures.





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Appears to be a bug with the minimal theme. If you edit SpartanUI_Minimal\Framework.lua on line 110 & 111 you will find the following code:

        SUI_FramesAnchor:SetPoint("BOTTOMLEFT", "Minimal_AnchorFrame", "TOPLEFT", 0, 0);
        SUI_FramesAnchor:SetPoint("TOPRIGHT", "Minimal_AnchorFrame", "TOPRIGHT", 0, 155);

replace it with the code below and it will start working:

        SUI_FramesAnchor:SetPoint("BOTTOMLEFT", "Minimal_AnchorFrame", "BOTTOMLEFT", 0, 0);
        SUI_FramesAnchor:SetPoint("TOPRIGHT", "Minimal_AnchorFrame", "BOTTOMRIGHT", 0, 150);


This has been fixed in the 4.1 Alpha r244 and should be hitting a release soon as i get a few other items wrapped up. (one being this site. the backed upgrade fubared the theme)

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Can I turn pet/minion frame off? Because Its in the chat box, and I do not need to see the pet frame bar.


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Off no, but you can hide the Picture and it will downsize the frame slightly as well. I will add a option to hide it completely in the next update. 

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