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      Legion Launch: Urgent issues   08/29/2016

      If you are here to post an urgent issue or have an issue that is impeding your play in legion please connect to the SpartanUI Chat server in your curse client. via the link below or you can search for SpartanUI. https://curse.com/invite/MWJBYnOhiUOoe2e47BTuVQ  


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  1. Battle For Azeroth...

    I doubt it since they did a hotfix today http://www.wowhead.com/news=284401/patch-7-3-5-hotfixes-for-may-15th-brh-risen-arcanist-nerfed
  2. Battle For Azeroth...

    When 8.x hits ptr I will begin working on it.
  3. [Bug]SpartanUI Vs. Blizzard UI

    Changed Status to Closed
  4. [Bug]SpartanUI Vs. Blizzard UI

    Install bartender
  5. [Bug]Errors in the Russian version

    This has to do with the default font spartanUI uses does not support other languages well. go into the spartan ui settings /sui and change the font to something else.
  6. [Bug]Bug in text display

    This has to do with the default font spartanUI uses does not support other languages well. go into the spartan ui settings /sui and change the font to something else.
  7. Not sure whats going on with the unit frames, it looks like bartender may not be setup correctly from the one bar being shown. You can try to reset the Actionbars or the whole database via /suihelp otherwise try another skin as well.
  8. [Bug]Player Frame Not Showing Since WoW update 7.2.5

    The error message you included is blaming a line that is does not exist in 4.4.3. If you updated with wow running you need to /reload.
  9. [Bug]Error in StatusBarlua

    Are you tracking a rep that is Exalted? that is the only way i could get mine to error.
  10. [Bug]UI_PlayerFrames

    What skin, also what class.
  11. [Bug]Player Frame Doesnt appear

    Changed Status to Closed
  12. [Bug]Player Frame Doesnt appear

    Please update your addon.
  13. [Bug]UI_PlayerFrames

    No I just am not raiding right now so WoW has not been able to keep my attention. (Have to get all those Overwatch loot boxes) I still have an active sub. Have for 10 years straight if something breaks I will always popup. I tend to go through waves of large development and updates usually fall to late winter then try to spend more time outside with family over the summer. Edit - x-post from chat: I have been maintaing and growing this addon for a very long time all by myself. There is no team just me. @jainaproudmoore has been very helpful recently since i stood up this chat helping people and i could not be more grateful. Thanks @jainaproudmoore so many times i open the chat thinking ugh whats blown up in the week i have had it closed and see everything taken care of - for the most part at least :)
  14. If you still have the issue after todays update let me know.
  15. [Bug]Has anyone reported this error?

    This can happen when you are in combat and a player joins as blizzard blocks us from drawing new frames in combat. Some get around this by pre-generating the farmes and the work it would take to swap spartan over to that is more than i have right now. Hopefully after this summer i will have more free time and can tackle it.
  16. [Bug]Artifact/Reputation Bar

    If you reset your action bars on the help screen it should fix the large ones. They are supposed to be hidden by bartender.
  17. [Bug]Auto sell not working

    Changed Status to Fixed
  18. [Bug]UI_PlayerFrames

    Changed Status to Fixed
  19. [Bug]Auto Sell bug

    Changed Status to Fixed
  20. [Bug]Auto sell bug

    Changed Status to Fixed
  21. [Bug]Auto sell bug

    Changed Status to Fixed
  22. [Bug]AutoSell issues

    Changed Status to Fixed
  23. [Bug]Character/Target area

  24. [Bug]Player Frames Broken

    Changed Status to Fixed