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  1. [Other]Minimap Options not working properly

    I play on Windowed (Fullscreen), on a 32-inch monitor. The monitor itself is at 720p (1280x720), and in-game it shows the Windowed (Fullscreen) mode at a resolution of 1280x720 (Wide)... which is of course grayed out in the settings, because it's Windowed (Fullscreen) mode.
  2. [Other]Minimap Options not working properly

    It's set to 0.92 And one specific addon button now suddenly appeared. It's Skada. Edit: Skada no longer appears either. Got me all confused that the Skada icon appeared for one log-session only. Also, sometimes the dungen queue icon appears half under the minimap. I attached a screenshot for it too now.
  3. [Other]Minimap Options not working properly

    Now that you moved the Garrison icon back to the right (which is great btw) - then addon icons don't appear at all (except one. It's very strange). And the title\name of the area isn't there. I mean, there's a small line of yellow which makes me think it should be there under something else (maybe under the coordinates). But it's not quite visible. Btw, is there a change you'll make the coordinates disable-able?
  4. [Other]Buffs at top

    I refer you to my comments from yesterday and today on this post. They are related to the bug.
  5. Pet & TargetOfTarget Frame Size

    Update: I realized I forgot to mention that when I move the buffs back to the right (see previous comment), I also have the need to move the "Minimap Location" in MoveAnything. I'm not talking about the actual minimap, because that one is from SUI. I'm talking about a transparant holder that MoveAnything calls "Minimap". It appears (transparent) over the buffs (after I moved them back to the right), and blocks the tooltips\mouseover from the first few buffs (the ones that are under said transparent minimap placeholder from MoveAnything. I hope I'm clear here. And I hope this info helps you avoid\fix other bugs if they are encountered by other users. If anything needs clarification please feel free to ask =)
  6. [Artwork]PlayerPowerBarAlt

    As far as I'm aware, MoveAnything already fixed that. I might be wrong, but MoveAnything did use to have TONS of issues with PowerBarAlt, and all of the issues I personally encountered, were fixed in one of their last updates. Is it not so?
  7. [Other]Minimap Options not working properly

    You do all this AND raid? You're a freakin` rockstar!
  8. Pet & TargetOfTarget Frame Size

    Thank you! I now read the post you linked. Fyi, I have the buff issue too (as if the minimap was there), but I work around it using MoveAnything.
  9. I installed the update, and even before I did anything at all - the tooltips returned to the location set by the TipTac addon. I actually really like it now, and will be using them both together  I love how it changes the right-click portrait menu etc. Also, the option to have 3 different anchors for three different conditions is a blessing. Good going!
  10. [Other]Minimap Options not working properly

    The fix works! However, there's only an option for all icons. I loved that there were previously two seperate options for BlizzardUI icons and for addon-icons. Can this feature be reinstated? Or does it mess it up somehow?
  11. [Other]Moving actionbars

    Oh I hope I didn't give the wrong impression. I salute the new improvements! AND this bug systemÂ
  12. Wasn't there an option to make the Pet frame big like the player frame? I can't find it. If there isn't - is it possible to add it? (for all skins?)
  13. [Other]Moving actionbars

    Fair, I did miss the red on the dark background As for the nameplates - I just realized what nameplates are. Please make sure they can be disabled (unlike the current state of the Tooltips, as you can see on another bug report I posted). I use Tidyplates and it's so versatile and complex I might not choose to change to another nameplate handler. Please & thank you. P.S. Nice going on all the improvements to the UI You think it might be possible to integrate those "hide-able" drawers as an option for the classic skin as well? (as part of the "Mix skin elements"?) They are a grand and welcome feature Â
  14. [Other]Minimap Options not working properly

    Will go check the update later today. Thanks for the prompt response Also great news that you're on it! (=
  15. I've encountered this in version 3, and it seems to still be there in version 4: The "Show only while hovering, for both the addon icons and/or the blizzrd icons - simply doesn't work. reloaduingUi doesn't make it appear as it is set, nor does restarting the game. Â P.S. It's worth noting, for all of my posts here, that I've tried uninstallling the addon >>Â deleting the SavedVariables files >> and reinstalling the addon. It didn't solve even one of the issues I reported. I ended up reverting to the old SavedVariables file.