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  1. Forgive me if these turn out to be stupid questions, but I've had a bear of a time getting everything set up. At the moment, with problems 1 & 2, I can't tank properly. Problem 1: Target of Target doesn't display when targeting a hostile mob. This means I can't tell whether the boss has me targeted, the other tank, or a raid member. I can't find the setting to enable this. It works w/ Friendly targets (For instance, targeting my self shows that I'm targeting myself in Target of Target) but that's of very limited use to me as a tank. Problem 2: No threat on the target bar. I'm accustomed to seeing my threat % on the target frame. Doesn't seem to be an option here? A third (very minor) problem not mentioned in the title: The default buffs are "bouncing" a few times every other second or so. I've managed to mitigate this by moving the buff frame to the location they want to bounce toward.