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      Legion Launch: Urgent issues   08/29/2016

      If you are here to post an urgent issue or have an issue that is impeding your play in legion please connect to the SpartanUI Chat server in your curse client. via the link below or you can search for SpartanUI. https://curse.com/invite/MWJBYnOhiUOoe2e47BTuVQ  


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  1. I tested with the minimal, transparent style and it happens. Leaving only spartanUI core it happens as well. I really dont know what is wrong, or if there is any kind of dead short between other addons, im getting crazy coz the update is really amazing but i have to play with the 3.3.4 :'(!!!!!
  2. Still happens, i only use artwork from spartanUI the rest is disabled and still it happens to me, i cannot turn around the camera and i cannot click anything, like the other post said, i have to use 3.3.4 Â
  3. when i use any kind of portals, my stone/citadel stone, when i switch to other specs, or gettin summon; im bugged, i cannot turn around the camera with my mouse and i cannot target anything, always i have to do a /reload :'(. Any suggestions?
  4. With Spartan Core enabled, after hearthing or teleporting, I am no longer able to control movement of my character with my left or right mouse buttons.  I am no longer able to click on any buttons in my UI (bars,stances, etc).  Keyboard control still works fully, along with hotkeys for skills.  Pressing ESC brings up the menu and the mouse is able to click on the main menu.  /reload (/console reloadui) fixes the problem temporarily until I teleport again.  When disabling Spartan Core, this problem doesn't happen.  This problem began occurring with the first of the last three updates and has persisted since.  I like the new look and transparent options, but now I wish I hadn't upgraded.  I searched the forum for this problem and it appears no one else has reported it. I have deleted my Spartan UI settings under the WTF folder, but this problem still persists.  I believe this problem began in r226. No error dialogs were associated with this problem. View full bug