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      Legion Launch: Urgent issues   08/29/2016

      If you are here to post an urgent issue or have an issue that is impeding your play in legion please connect to the SpartanUI Chat server in your curse client. via the link below or you can search for SpartanUI. https://curse.com/invite/MWJBYnOhiUOoe2e47BTuVQ  


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  1. [Bug]Error in StatusBarlua

    Not tracking any rep. Left side is blank (xp capped), right side is Artifact power
  2. [Bug]UI_PlayerFrames

    Classic skin. It was the other post I commented on. All classes are getting it.
  3. [Bug]UI_PlayerFrames

    I mean, the addon is still broken to a point where I'm getting over 400 errors per session and getting the "performance degraded" popup.
  4. [Bug]Error in StatusBarlua

    getting same error, its blowing up bugsack
  5. [Bug]UI_PlayerFrames

    So is this addon abandoned and I should go install ElvUI instead?