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      Legion Launch: Urgent issues   08/29/2016

      If you are here to post an urgent issue or have an issue that is impeding your play in legion please connect to the SpartanUI Chat server in your curse client. via the link below or you can search for SpartanUI. https://curse.com/invite/MWJBYnOhiUOoe2e47BTuVQ  


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  1. I've tracked down what's causing this error but don't know how to fix it. It's caused by tier 3 talent selection for Anticipation that add "5" combo points making it so you have ten combo points. If you chose another talent in that tree you don't get the error. This is what icy-veins.com says Deeper Stratagem is currently the best choice in all situations (even while using Denial of the Half-Giants). If you are a less seasoned player and struggle with Combo Point management, you should instead use Anticipation. *add comment* I hated the error every time i got or lost a combo point, so i switch to deeper stratagem.