•  Q. How do i set a focus?
     Target the unit an type /focus This is due to the function being protected by blizzard and 3rd party unit frames have not been able to do it since 2009. A simple search will show that this is brought up a lot.


    Q. How do i move _____?
    A. If the frame is movable hold Alt then click and drag.


    Q. I changed _____ in the options but nothing changed?
     A lot of the options pertaining to unit frames do not have dynamic update calls and are only built on load. This is in the process of being re-done some options will start to update automatically in time all will update as you change options. It takes time there are a ton of options that need to be redone, with the SUI4 rewrite the backed systems to handle this are now in place.


    Q. Why are my Quest objectives disappearing?
    A. This is the first of many new components in SUI4 by default the objectives tracker will fade out when you are in combat or anytime you are in a raid group. This is to help clear your screen of distractions when you need all of your screen space the most.


    Q. My ____ Frame is missing, how can I get it back?
    A. Via the /suihelp page there is a button to reset the location of all movable frames.


    Q. How do I lock my buttons?
    A. Open SUI's Settings (/sui) click on the "Artwork" tab on the default page "Base Options" There is a check box called "Lock Buttons"